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adventures of a pyrokitten...

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playing with fire
photo by s. bartlett

november 2006
new clandestine
new kevin's birthday at drunken monkey
new thanksgiving in los angeles

october 2006
port costa walk and the epic party at the burlington hotel
pumpkin adventures in half moon bay

september 2006
to the acrackalypse & beyond (the first last ever cracktory party)
the last cracktory party ever ever

october 2005
nimby circus
mota's halloween party

june 2005
tastee flame ~ dance dance immolation fundraiser
grass valley & yuba river
new moonie 2005 ~ black rock desert

may 2005
blacklight ball at studio z
shine ~ cloud factory design collective fashion show

april 2005
point reyes hike
bicycle day 2005 ~ angel island
winkers party at the albion castle
feather falls camping trip

march 2005
11th annual urban iditarod
the bunny king campout & simnuke test

february 2005
cows stampede meat at the dna lounge
kilowatt & cracktory aquarius birthday party

december 2004
tilden hike & limbo's going-away party
christmas in las vegas
megashear ranch roll over party ~ new year's eve

november 2004
the twokrawl ~ east bay costume pub crawl

september 2004

march 2004
stay gold pony boy at the edinburgh castle
the brides of march
shannon's birthday party
burning man spark club at sublounge
guerrilla fur bar at 26mix
spring equinox ~ mt. davidson renegade
alice's going away party
photo-a-go-go shoot
eat and be mary
wtf party
miscellaneous march photos

january 2004
freak of nature hike ~ cataract creek, marin county
xmas tree burn
crucible fire opera after-party

october ~ november 2003
gigsville decompression/so-cal/utah road trip
the one crawl

updated november 2006